Melody Investment Advisors is an alternative asset manager focused on private equity and structured investments in mission-critical communications infrastructure assets.  The firm is dedicated to delivering strong risk-adjusted returns with downside protection and consistent cash yields. 



Melody Investment Advisors focuses on the mission-critical communications infrastructure which underpins the global telecommunications, media and technology (“TMT”) industries. We look to invest through direct asset ownership, as well as by developing tailored financing solutions to complex problems for the leading players in the TMT industries.


We seek to achieve strong, risk-adjusted returns by targeting differentiated assets with upside opportunities through active management, embedded downside protection and demonstrated resiliency through economic cycles.


Our management and investment teams are veterans of the global communications industry.  Founder Omar Jaffrey has over 27 years of leadership experience in investing, advisory and capital raising, with a proven track record of success in the sector.


With its team of investment and operational personnel with deep experience and long tenures in the TMT sectors, Melody is well-positioned to source, underwrite and manage investments in communications infrastructure for strong risk-adjusted returns.


Melody Investment Advisors welcomes inquiries from investors and telecommunications organizations seeking partners.


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