John Apostolides, Investment Partner at Melody, appeared on TMT Connect's wireless infrastructure panel to discuss the next phase of growth in the US Towers market

TMT Connect

December 10 2020

Omar Jaffrey discusses with Pitchbook the $1 trillion communications infrastructure opportunity amid Covid-19


December 8, 2020

Omar Jaffrey appeared on Bloomberg TV to discuss Melody's role in the growth and implementation of wireless infrastructure

Bloomberg TV

October 30, 2020

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Omar Jaffrey discussed the inevitable rise to data consumption in coming years by 10 times what it is now. There is a growing demand for data consumption, and organizations like Melody Investment Advisors are helping this demand by fostering partnerships between wireless carriers and investors. Additionally, with this growth, the US government will need to play a significant role to build infrastructure and decrease the red tape around infrastructure investments. Currently, about 150 million Americans have poor internet infrastructure, but there is plenty of room to improve this and a strong demand to do so. Other national wireless markets are ahead of the US in infrastructure and telecom investments, but the US is not far behind and it has the opportunity to capitalize on the industry’s growth. Accelerated growth in the US telecom investments will occur and the country will catch up to other wireless markets like China, Japan, and South Korea.

Omar Jaffrey spoke with Light Reading about Melody's investment philosophy

Light Reading

October 27, 2020

Recently, Melody Investment Advisors have purchased 1,150 cell towers from CTI Towers and another 500 towers from Uniti Tower to further their digital infrastructure plans and broaden telecommunications. In an interview with Light Reading, Omar Jaffrey discussed their current investment portfolio and how this could change as new opportunities arise. Omar Jaffrey, the co-founder and managing partner of Melody, is looking to expand digital infrastructure and telecom investments. He explained that it’s a unique time where digital infrastructure is thriving, while other industry infrastructure like travel and leisure are crumbling. Additionally, the digital infrastructure investment opportunities are wide open at the moment, with large areas for extreme growth like edge computing and 5G. In terms of their own investments, Melody Investment Advisors is focused on stable opportunities like towers, but they understand the growing opportunities in small cells and smaller scale deals.

Omar Jaffrey sat down with AGL to discuss Melody's approach to investing

AGL Media Group

October 20, 2020

Omar Jaffrey, founder of Melody Investment Advisors, sat down with AGL Media Group to discuss the story of Melody Investments, the success the company has had this year, and how Jaffrey envisions his firm’s future. After going over Melody Investments’ origins as a multi-strategy credit fund making telecom investments, the interview moved to the company’s current dealings. Jaffrey spoke about the firm’s recent successful ventures, noting how his deep ties and history within the infrastructure investment world have allowed him to form lucrative connections and robust partnerships. When asked about the previous year, Jaffrey detailed how the Coronavirus Pandemic has highlighted how important telecommunications infrastructure is, and shown telecom investment companies exactly where work needs to be done. Jaffrey went on to give details on two significant deals he made this year, partnering Melody Infrastructure with CTI Towers and Harmoni. Jaffrey concluded the interview by giving a vision of the future of wireless internet service provisions (WISPs), and for Melody Investment specifically, describing the changes that will occur as cable companies consolidate WISPs on regional platforms and what it would look like for tech companies like Google and Facebook to take on the challenge of creating a nationwide WISP platform.

Omar Jaffrey will be speaking at the Infrastructure Investor Global Summit Online on October 12

Infrastructure Investor

October 9, 2020

Omar Jeffrey will speak at the 2020 Infrastructure Investor Global Summit Online on October 12th. The opening panel, titled “Converging Sub-Asset Classes – Examining The Synergies Between Data Centres, Towers & Fibre” will include Jeffrey and industry leaders. The panel will come directly after the Chair’s welcome at 3:15 PM. The discussion will focus on the blurring lines between Data Centres, Towers, and Fibre, and how these assets are being brought closer by 5G technology. The conversation will then move more towards telecom investments and whether there are true strategic synergies in these converging industries, and how this should inform infrastructure investors and advisors. 

Melody Investment Advisors Closes on Acquisition of CTI Towers

PR Newswire

October 6, 2020

Melody Investment Advisor's Founder and Managing Partner Omar Jaffrey sat down with  Infrastructure Investor
Infrastructure Investor

October 1, 2020


GEO / MEO / LEO – Satellite in the Finance Markets

GVF Association

September 11, 2020

Uniti Towers Announces Name Change to Harmoni Towers

PR Newswire

September 09, 2020

Melody Investment Advisors Acquires CTI Towers

PR Newswire

September 01, 2020

Melody Investment Advisors Closes on Acquisition of Uniti Towers

PR Newswire

June 02, 2020

Melody Investment Advisors Acquires Wireless Towers from Uniti

PR Newswire

May 11, 2020

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